Frequently Asked Questions

We offer instant personal loans starting from Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 10,000.

You can view the loan status on the “My Account” tab on the PayRupik application itself. 

You shall be provided with repayment options on the PayRupik application wherein you can repay the loan amount through different online payment modes.

The documents will be approved within 24 hours. 

We assess your loan eligibility and loan amount limit based upon your documentation shared with us and your credit score.

Send us a video with the issue flow or screenshot, along with your registered phone number and mobile device model name to [email protected], and we shall reach out to you at the earliest.

Please ensure that you are taking a clear photo of the original documents. Taking a photo of an existing photo (from another mobile screen or computer screen) may not work.

As of now, we support uploading of documents through the app only.

Usually, the profile confirmation happens within 10 minutes of registration. However, in a few cases we may require some time to verify the profile and the documentation. You will be notified via SMS when your profile is verified. You may also reach out at [email protected]

There could be many reasons including but not limited to poor credit score, illegible documents, information mismatch. We decide the eligibility of every borrower based on parameters provided by our various lending partners. If your loan did not get approved, don’t worry. It is not always or necessarily a reflection of your credit worthiness Whatever the case may be, we will let you know in case your application could not be approved. Also, you may re-apply for a loan in 6 months in such cases.

To begin with, every customer is allocated a maximum disbursal limit up to which he/she can avail loans on Payrupik as the parameters decided by our lending partners. With regular loan applications from Payrupik along with timely repayments, there is a good possibility that the maximum disbursal limit increases with time. However, this also depends on other factors like your monthly salary, credit score, and a host of other data points that we get from you when you create your profile. While making timely repayments increases the probability of enhancing your maximum disbursal amount, it does not guarantee the same.

We need your bank account details to disburse the loan amount.

We need to ensure that the bank account that you have provided belongs to you.

The signing makes the Loan Agreement a legally binding agreement and states that once a loan is disbursed to you, you are liable to pay back the entire amount with interest and other charges as applicable within the maturity of the loan. You cannot avail a loan without signing the Loan Agreement.

In some cases, the loan may take up to 24 hours to be approved and disbursed to your bank account.

No. All our charges are transparent and communicated to the user upfront. For more information, please check the Charges section of the FAQ.

Your credit limit is decided based on the authenticity of your documents as well as your previous repayment history which can be tracked via your KYC documents.

Payrupik has tied up with Sayyam Investments Pvt. Ltd. which is a certified NBFC and other NBFC partners for lending.

You can find it by logging into the Payrupik app.

No. We support loan repayments only through the Payrupik app via Debit Card, Net-Banking, UPI, Paytm Wallet or Bank Transfer. If you are facing an issue while repaying your loan, kindly write to us an email on [email protected] and we shall look into it.

Yes, you can repay your loan anytime you wish to do so, even before the repayment date.

As of now, we support online repayments only.

Penalty charges will be applied for everyday that the loan is overdue. Your Credit score will be updated as a defaulter with credit rating agencies (CIBIL, CRIF High Mark etc.) which will make it difficult for you to take loans with any bank or financial institution in the future. Companies also check an individual’s credit score and may not offer you employment if your credit score is bad.

No. Payrupik does not provide any option to reschedule or postpone your EMI date.

Yes, you can make a prepayment on the Payrupik app before your due date.

You will receive an SMS on repayment and an email confirming the closure of your Personal Loan Account from Payrupik.

There can be times when, because of network issues or issues with the payment gateway, the money gets debited from your account but it does not get accepted by the payment gateway. In that case, you should get your money back within 7 working days. If you still do not get the money back to your account, please get in touch with us on [email protected]  with screenshots for us to help you.

Since there is some operational effort that goes into performing credit checks and sanctioning the loan, the processing fee is charged upfront from the loan amount. However, this is a standard practice followed by all financial entities.

You can only avail one loan at a time on Payrupik.

Once a loan is approved and disbursed, the loan terms such as amount and repayment date cannot be changed.

Once a loan is approved and disbursed, it cannot be cancelled. Hence, you would need to repay the amount in full to close the loan.

You need to reinstall the Payrupik app on your new phone from the same SIM card.

You can request us to block/deactivate your Payrupik account by dropping a request to us at  [email protected]  or calling us on our Customer Care number 022-489-30118. Your request would be processed ONLY if there are no outstanding dues against your account. Therefore, please ensure that you have repaid all your loans on Payrupik before requesting us to deactivate your account. We would still retain your login and device identity to ensure that nobody else is able to create a new account with your credentials.

For any profile changes, please drop us a mail on [email protected] and we shall revert on the same.

please drop us a mail with on [email protected] and we shall revert on the same.

Yes, your data is safe with us. It is transferred over a secure connection to us, and we only share it as per our privacy policy for the purposes of facilitating a loan for you. You can read our privacy policy.

Your credit limit is decided based on the authenticity of your documents as well as your previous repayment history which can be tracked via your KYC documents.